Online Partnerships and Connections

Biblical Communications International Inc. is forging partnerships and connections  with other ministries to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

  •  (creators of the NET Bible whose extensive materials and training website has over 3 million users monthly)
  • Global Partners in Hope  (providing leadership and marriage training in China and Africa)
  • Leader Formation International  (Dr. William Lawrence’s teaching and mentoring ministry around the world)
  • African Leader And Reconciliation  Ministries – ALARM  (Providing training conferences for church leaders and officials in many African countries)
  • Titus 2:4 Ministries  (Vickie Kraft’s ministry to encourage, teach and train for dynamic women’s ministries in local churches)

We are all about equipping pastors and lay leaders with exceptional resources to further God’s Kingdom.  There are some amazing tools and other resources out there and we have parterned with other web sites, portals and organizations to help you get access to all of it.  Please visit our partners or use the additional resources below to see what they have to offer your ministry.

Most are free resources… home of the NET bible and a host of other bible study resources
Sonic Light Dr. Tom Constable’s amazing bible commentary study notes on each book of the bible searchable by verse or key word in a host of translations premier graduate training in bible and conservative, evangelical theology