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Colossians Commentary – English

Colossians Commentary – English


By D. Hagb


D, Hagb is the pen name of a biblical scholar trained in the United States who has lived in Asia for decades.He travels extensively throughout Asia training disciple makers, pastors and ministry leaders. Resources he has provided to Biblical Communications International include:


  • Colossians Commentary – English. The Proclamation of Christ that Leads to Spiritual Maturity. This 173 page book will help a good church grow to maturity.
  • Philippians Commentary – Chinese. This excellent book will help any bible student to a better understanding of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi and provide applications for believers today as we seek the joy and harmony God has for us.


These books may not be sold for profit. Scripture quotations are the author’s own translation. These documents may be freely copied but must include this copyright notice.

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