Colossians Commentary – ENGLISH



The Proclamation of Christ that Leads to Spiritual Maturity

173 pages


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This crucial letter, which speaks so clearly about the way in which we should grow to maturity in Christ, is intensely studied by scholars whose detailed debates on the nature of “The Colossian Heresy” obscure the actual purpose of the letter, which is to help a good church grow to maturity.


We too would grow to maturity in Christ, and yet we find ourselves subjected to – and even subjecting others to – rules that sound much like “Do not eat…! And do not taste…! And do not touch…!” We should be very concerned to learn that these sorts of things “have the appearance of wisdom…but they are of no value against the gratification of the flesh.” If these things do not grow us to maturity in Christ, we certainly need to learn what this letter teaches us about how that can happen in our lives.