Biblical Christianity for Catholics

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by Neil Curran

Available in soft cover only.  Free shipping in U.S. only.This booklet is a wonderful gift for Catholics, ex-Catholics, relatives and  friends who may be curious about the “back to the Bible” movement in many churches today.Compare the similarities and differences between Catholicism and biblical Christianity from historical, theological and personal perspectives. Discover what they can mean to you. Here are the answers people are looking for in a gentle but powerful presentation.Expressing the truth in love, Neil Curran demonstrates an obvious love for people and the Holy Bible.

“…a priceless tool…It is both biblical and easy to understand. It is refreshingly objective without being offensive. I recommend it highly.”

– Howard G. Hendricks Distinguished Professor and Author

Sharing the Good News with Catholics

Neil T. Curran – February 29, 2008

Associate Pastor of Scofield Memorial Church, Rev. Neil Curran, delivers a message about what he has learned by trying to tell Catholic people about Biblical Christianity: what we need to know and what they need to believe.