Table of Contents

Exploring the Basics of Biblical Christianity

Chapter 1: Introduction 1
Chapter 2: Worldviews 7
 Even Our Sense of History Is Affected 7
 We All Have Presuppositions 9
 Our Cultural Worldview 10
 Biblical Christianity Worldview—Key Scripture Verses 12
 Practical Life Application 17
Chapter 3: The Bible 19
 What Is God’s Worldview? 20
 Natural Revelation 20
 Special Revelation 21
 Basic Information about the Bible 22
 The Old Testament 22
 The Apocrypha 23
 The New Testament 24
 The Bible is Unique 24
 Is the Bible We Have Accurate and Reliable? 25
 Dead Sea Scrolls 25
 Archeological Discoveries 25
 Reliable Ancient Manuscripts 26
 Fulfilled Prophecy Is a Proof of the Reliability of the Bible 27
 Eyewitness Accounts 27
 The Church and the Bible 27
 The Inspiration of Scripture 28
 Inspiration of Scripture Defined 29
 Verbal, Plenary Inerrant Inspiration 30
 Translations of the Bible 30
 Translation Analysis of Ephesians 2:12 31
 Illumination 32
 Interpretation 33
 Reference Helps 33
 Practical Life Application 34
Chapter 4: God 37
 The Symptoms and Solution to the World’s Problems 37
 The Essence of God 40
 The Attributes of God 41
 The Sovereignty of God is Absolute 41
 The Names of God 43
 The Trinity 44
 The Creed of Constantinople (A D 381) 45
 Procession of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit 46
 Roles of Each Person of the Trinity 46
 The Challenge of the Trinity 46
 Practical Life Application 47
Chapter 5: Jesus Christ–The Person 49
 The Preincarnate Christ 49
 The Incarnate Christ 50
 Christ in His Death 54
 The Resurrected Christ 55
 Christ in Heaven 55
 The Return of Christ 56
 Christ Ruling as King of Kings 56
 Three Proofs of the Deity of Christ 57
 Other Key Verses on the Deity of Christ 60
 Christ Never Sinned 60
 Why Did Jesus Christ Have to be Both Fully Human and Fully God? 60
 Practical Life Application 61
Chapter 6: Jesus Christ—His Work 63
 The Gospel: The Good News 63
 Salvation 65
 Reconciliation 66
 Bad News and Good News 67
 Justification—Not Guilty 70
 Redemption—Set Free 70
 Atonement or Propitiation—To Satisfy God 71
 The Ignored Side of the Gospel 72
 New Life—Born Again 72
 Christ Lives in Us 74
 Christ Intercedes for Us 74
 Eternal Security and Assurance of Salvation 75
 Knowing for Sure 78
 Practical Life Application 79
Chapter 7: The Holy Spirit 81
 His Person 81
 He Has the Attributes of God 82
 He Performs the Work of God 82
 The Holy Spirit Is the Object of Faith 83
 The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament 83
 The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of Christ 84
 The Work of the Holy Spirit Today 85
 Regeneration 86
 Indwelling 87
 Sealing by the Holy Spirit 88
 Baptized by the Spirit 89
 The Filling of the Spirit 90
 Filling and Maturity 91
 Practical Life Application 92
Chapter 8: Looking at the World from God’s Point of View 97
 What Is a “Dispensation”? 97
 The Seven Dispensations 99
 A Closer Look at Each Dispensation 101
 The Eight Biblical Covenants 114
 Practical Life Application 115
Chapter 9: Law and Grace 117
 Christians Are Not under the Law 117
 What Is the Law? 118
 Purposes of the Law 119
 What the Law Could Not Do 122
 Duration of the Law 123
 Results of the Law 123
 Understanding God’s Timetable for Israel 123
 The New Covenant of Grace 124
 Mystery of New Covenant Blessings for the Church 128
 Law and Grace Do Not Mix 130
 Practical Life Application 132
Chapter 10: The Church 133
 The Universal Church 133
 The Mystery of the Church 134
 Foundation of the Church 137
 The Reformation and the Modern Period 139
 The Local Church 140
 Leadership Qualifications 141
 What the Local Church Is to Look Like 143
 Spiritual Gifts 146
 Types of Spiritual Gifts 149
 Spiritual Gifts for Today 150
 What’s Your Gift? 153
 Practical Life Application 153
Chapter 11: Human Beings 155
 The Nature of Man 157
 The Fall of Man 157
 What Is Sin? 162
 Salvation from the Penalty and Power of Sin 163
 Practical Life Application 164
Chapter 12: Christian Living 169
 Christians are Holy, Set Apart, Saints 170
 Practical Life Application 172
 A Change of Perspective and Attitude 172
 Be a Disciple 173
 Be Filled with the Spirit 174
 Two Warning Verses 177
 Walk in the Spirit 178
 Prayer 179
Chapter 13: Angels—Good and Bad 183
 Holy Angels 184
 What Do Angels Look Like? 185
 The Angel of the Lord 187
 Guardian Angels 188
 The Work of Holy Angels 189
 Show Hospitality to Angels 190
 Fallen Angels, Evil Spirits, or Demons 190
 Satan or the Devil 192
 Satan’s Work Today 195
 Practical Life Application 195
Chapter 14: Things Still To Come 199
 Three Ways to View the Future 199
 Understanding World History through Three Kinds of People 201
 What Next? 203
 The Church 204
 Tribulation for the World 207
 The Millennial Kingdom 214
 The Great White Throne Judgment for all Unbelievers 214
 A New Heaven and a New Earth Replace the Old 215
 Practical Life Application 218
Chapter 15: “Quick Start” for New Believers 221
 First, Let’s Review 221
 Understanding Faith, Belief, and Trust 222
 What Happened? 223
 Can I Be Sure This New Life…Salvation… Is Really Forever? 223
 This Is Just the Beginning! 224
 Here’s a List of Suggestions to Get You Going and Growing 224
 Here’s a New Way of Thinking and Living for Your New Life 227