What Others Are Saying

. . . about Exploring the Basics of Biblical Christianity

“Clear…. Concise…. Complete…. Just what the doctor ordered for newborns in Christ and those who disciple them.”

  –  Dr. Lewis J. Wilson, Evangelism Pastor
Second Baptist Church, Houston, TX

“Neil’s book is like a Swiss Army Knife. Everything you need to understand the basics of the Bible swivels right out of this one volume. It’s easy to use, it’s clear, and it’s to the point. And it can be used by young and old alike. This is tool that you will value and use often.”

–  Steve Farrar, best selling author of Point Man and dynamic conference speaker

“Exploring the Basics of Biblical Christianity” is a biblical ‘boot camp’ for believers. Many how-to books have been written that help believers learn the practical disciplines of prayer and Bible study, but few focus on mastering the great truths that must undergird one’s faith. Neil’s work fortifies the head, the heart, and the hands. It is a systematic theology for this generation-grounded in the truth of God’s Word with practical life applications.”

–  Dr. Charles Dyer, Provost and Senior Vice President of Education
Moody Bible Institute

“I rejoice with you in this clear presentation of Bible basics.”

–  Dr. Kenneth N. Taylor, The Living Bible and Chairman of the Board
Tyndale House Publishers

“Every so often a truly practical tool comes along to help new believers grow in their faith. This is one of those tools, written by a man who loves to see new disciples grow. It is a simple, practical book on the basics of Christianity along with life application principles. I highly recommend this book for those who want to understand the basics of their faith.”

–  T. J. Addington, International Leader
Evangelical Free Church of America 

“This is a thorough presentation of Christian doctrine from the orthodox, premillennial point of view. It is a detailed introduction to theology as it is presented in the Bible for churches desiring to have a course for their new members that introduces them to biblical truth. It will be especially helpful to new believers and those who are just starting out in the Christian life.”

–  Dr. John F. Walvoord, Chancellor Emeritus
Dallas Theological Seminary

“Many Christians lack a solid grounding in God’s Word and in sound doctrine. As a result they are not growing in the Lord and they lack spiritual power. Exploring the Basics of Biblical Christianity provides an excellent way for overcoming this problem.  Studying the book will help you learn what the Bible teaches on many important topics and how you can apply these in your life. I pray that this book will be studied by many believers throughout the world.”

–  Dr. Roy B. Zuck,  Noted professor and author
Editor, Bibliotheca Sacra

“Tools like Neil Curran’s Exploring the Basics of Biblical Christianity are useful for both people and preacher, the pew and the pulpit, the sheep and the shepherd.”

–  Dr. Ramesh Richard,  President, RREACH International,
Chairman, Trainers of Pastors International Coalition (TOPIC)

“Anyone who uses it as a work book and studies through it, alone or in a small group, will come out with a fantastic understanding of Biblical and evangelical Christianity. It is the kind of thing I wish the Lord had dropped in my lap in the first years of my spiritual growth. I would have advanced much faster along with clarification of the basic doctrines.”

–  Pastor Weldon Buwe
Birmingham, Alabama

“Exploring the Basics of Biblical Christianity is a primary tool for teaching in the third world. It presents material in such a practical way that students can easily re-teach the same to their congregations.”

–  Principal Phil Turley, Moffat Bible College/AIM
Kenya, Africa

“Exploring the Basics of Biblical Christianity is a great help for new believers and those who disciple them. The doctrinal definitions and explanations and the many scriptural passages provide valuable guidance for newcomers to faith in Christ and His community of believers. The New Testament charges the church with the solemn and joyful task of passing on the sound tradition of faith; this book is a significant resource for fulfilling that responsibility.”

–  Dr. Stephen Spencer, Professor of Theology

“Over a number of years, the church in Africa has been manned by lay persons who rely particularly on basic knowledge of the Bible. Exploring the Basics of Biblical Christianity by Neil Curran will facilitate and enlighten our pastors in leading and guiding the flock to greener pastures. This is an asset that will be utilized in seminar trainings and short term pastoral training.”

–  Rev. Henry Ng’eno, Director, Christian Education, Africa Gospel Church,
National Director for African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM)
Kenya,  Africa