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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Biblical Communications International Inc. was founded by Neil Curran, who serves as CEO and Chairman. He has helped train church leaders around the world in China, Africa, Russia, and Haiti. Neil is the author of the acclaimed book "Exploring the Basics of Biblical Christianity." Thousands of copies have been given to church leaders in training conferences and is used by churches everywhere to train disciples. It has become an integral part of’s "Pathway to Spiritual Maturity." He has served as an associate pastor at Dallas area churches including famous Scofield Memorial Church, Northwest Bible Church and Crossroads Bible Church for nearly twenty years.

A native of Holyoke, Massachusetts, Neil did his undergraduate work at Holyoke Junior College and Louisiana State University, earning a B.A. in English. He received a Master’s degree with honors from Dallas Theological Seminary after a successful career as a communications consultant and creative director in New York and New Orleans. Neil has served on the boards of several ministries including RREACH International, Global Partners in Hope, The Gulf Coast Bible Conference, Christian Counseling Ministries, and Southeast Louisiana Youth for Christ. He is also the author of a booklet called "Biblical Christianity for Catholics." His instructional message, “Sharing the Good News with Catholics” at Chafer Chapel can be viewed on the Dallas Theological Seminary website. 

Neil and his wife Jody were the Chair Couple for the Family Life Marriage Conference in New Orleans for five years and have taught the conference for pastors and their wives in Kenya, Tanzania and Italy. They have also helped train church leaders in China and Russia. Neil has also taught and spoken on mission trips to Singapore and Haiti.​ They are inspirational speakers for Stonecroft Ministries and also do evangelism training seminars and conference speaking. Neil and Jody invite you to contact them with questions or for more information about their speaking engagements.


Neil and Jody have two children, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

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