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Galatians Bible Study Guide

Galatians Bible Study Guide


A Study Guide To Galatians written by M.S. Mills Distributed by 3E Ministries

  • Copyright © 1997, 2007, Montague Stephen Mills

    This Study Guide is dedicated to the glory of God. With this principle accepted, any Christian organization may reproduce up to 100 copies of part or the whole in any one calendar year, provided: 1. The following credit line is appended: “Reprinted from: I PETER, copyright © 1997, 2007, Montague Stephen Mills, a Study Guide to the First Epistle of Peter, published by 3E Ministries, 6839 Carolyncrest Drive, Dallas, TX 75214.” 2. Notification of any use made of this copyright is first mailed to 3E Ministries at the above address. More than 100 copies of this material may be distributed in any calendar year provided the publisher’s specific written permission has first been obtained. Distributed by Biblical Communications International Inc.

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